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Why Lowa?

Posted on 3rd Jan 2011 @ 11:09 PM

LOWA Patrol


  • Self Cleaning profile gives excellent grip on all types of ground
  • Braking, impact and rigidity zones
  • Undercut heel design
  • Polyurethane midsole for a high degree of walking comfort
  • 360 degrees multi-traction
LOWA Patrol

VIBRAM® "MVS" sole unit

  • The tread design excellently promotes the shoe's support function.
  • SPS - System (supination & pronation support).
  • Ideal roll-off characteristics due to a special cleats configuration.
  • Softer sole rubber increases cushioning and thus the walking comfort.
  • Oil and chemical resistant rubber outsole
LOWA Patrol

VIBRAM® "VIALTA" sole unit

  • A Lowa exclusive, the Vibram Vialta sole was born for trekking. The geometric sculpting, positioned on the main part of the sole, offers excellent hold on moving terrain.
  • Large expulsion lines push mud and snow outward for optimal traction in every situation.
  • The arch, made from a denser, colored rubber, gives further support, while the shock absorbing PU wedge makes long walks more comfortable.
  • Vibram Vialta for Lowa, the perfect combination between traction, stability and comfort.
LOWA Patrol

The padded and cushioned linings with achilles flex panels plus the padded collars and tongues allow the lower limb muscles to function effectively without undue strain. The padded tongues have their own lace hooks to prevent downwards or sideways movement of the tongues.

The Climate Control System is designed to allow the pumping effect generated by walking/running, to drive away the water vapour out of the boot through air permable padding materials and ventilation openings around the edge of the uppers. Moisture around the sole of the foot is absorbed away through the vertical fibre structure of the climate control insole.

LOWA Patrol

Gore-Tex® Lining (Mountain, Combat and Seeker only)
100% waterproof, but water vapour permeable. Temperature and pressure gradient between the outside environment and inside of the boot supports the transfer of water vapour outwards. The Gore-Tex® Lining is backed on to a durable longlasting, breathable Cambrelle® lining.

Dry-Best® Lining
A very comfortable, breathable, dry and cool lining, which resists odours and dries quickly.

Keeps feet cooler in the summers and warmer in the winter. It breathes to let air in and moisture out. Long lasting and durable.

What is Cambrelle®

  • Comfort
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Moisture management, through
  • Bi-component fibres, for a
  • Reliable
  • Effective
  • Long-lasting
  • Lining that goes the...
  • Extra mile

Leather Lining offers the best comfort for normal wear, and absorbs around 200% of its own weight in moisture before needing time to dry out. This lining is found on the Super Camp only.

The LOWA standard fitting is accepted by over 80% of wearers, for those with wider feet, the Mountain boot is available in the wider form.

Knitted fabric of Polyamide and polyester. High abrasion resistance. Breathable with high moisture absorption and transportation. Free of harmful substances (Oeko-Tex 100 Standard).