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Compeed - Advanced Healing

Posted on 18th May 2010 @ 3:22 PM

Compeed® products relieve and protect from pain whilst assisting the natural injury healing process.

Covering a wound with a protective bandage until it heals helps speed healing and helps minimize the chance of scarring because it helps prevent scabbing. Contrary to popular belief, keeping a wound uncovered and allowing it to "breathe" and form a scab actually slows the healing process and when it falls off leaves a visible mark.

Plasters that absorb a wound's fluids and maintain an important natural moisture balance are ideal for healing. Skin cells are able to migrate easily - without drying out and developing into a scab - to help form new, smooth tissue sooner.

The Compeed
® technology is one of the latest innovations in wound care available to consumers. The entire Advanced Healing Plaster, or Blister Plaster, with its unique patented design, is an absorbent layer that stays on for several days to enable the wound to heal fast. By completely sealing the wound, the bandage acts in place of a scab to seal in your body's own natural healing fluids and keep dirt, germs and water out while letting healthy cells move in to repair the injury naturally.

® Advanced Healing plasters restore the skin to a natural moisture level by absorbing fluids from the injured skin. The embedded particles in the bandage transform absorbed fluid into a white gel and provide extra cushioning to help protect wounds from bumping and re-injury.

® products are hypoallergenic are tested to show that they reduce the chance of allergic reactions.