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Personal Clothing for the British Armed Forces

Posted on 18th Apr 2012 @ 3:32 PM

Troops who deployed to Afghanistan in March 2010 were the first to be issued with the multi-terrain pattern (MTP) combat clothing, taking into consideration the range of environments in Afghanistan such as woodland/jungle, compounds, crops, grassland and arid stone.

The change to the British camouflage pattern is the first in 40 years.

The latest camouflage pattern was trailled in laboratory tests and field evaluations. This included aerial and scientific photography to provide the right colours and brightness to make the new camouflage pattern.

Computer modelling was used to represent the Green Zone, deserts and mixed environments in Afghanistan.

Since then the MTP has been phased in throughout all the British Army corps and regiments based around the world to replace the previous Combat 95 uniform.


Taken from http://www.army.mod.uk/equipment/personal/1453.aspx

It is also understood that the UK Army cadet Force will start to get issued the new kit from September 2012.