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The Chara 30 2011

Posted on 23rd Apr 2011 @ 3:39 PM

Chara 30


 The Chara 30 is an extreme test of mental and physical endurance with previous participants describing it as both the most challenging and the most rewarding event of its type in the UK today. Carrying 32lbs of equipment (plus food and water), participants traverse 30 miles across Dartmoor’s varied terrain in under 10 hours. Thorough preparation and some navigation skills are required to complete this event.


 The Chara 30 is based on the final Commando test – a 30 mile march across Dartmoor carrying 32lbs of equipment (including weapon but excluding team safety stores, food and water) completed in under 7 hours for officers or 8 hours for other ranks. The end of the 30 mile march is also the end of the Commando course and successful candidates are awarded the Green Beret (the mark of a Commando).


 The event is also an excellent vehicle for raising money for our supported charities with over £180,000 raised in the last two years. In 2011 we are encouraging our participants to raise money for BLESMA and the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund through the Chara Challenge page at Bmycharity [link to follow shortly]. We ask our participants to raise £500 each for this worthy cause.

 Entry Fee 

 The entry fee to enter the Chara 30 is £50. For this fee participants receive three meals (dinner, breakfast and a BBQ), digital timing and a GPS distress beacon, a T-Shirt, a medal and a commemorative certificate of completion.


 The event is run from Okehampton Camp on the northern edge of Dartmoor.